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It’s hard to out belt the bellhop. Try it, it can’t be done! Jay Klaitz from Broadway’s hit comedy LEND ME A TENOR, knows well that this is true. We got Jay to give us his favorites when he isn’t hopping and belting across the stage. See what he had to say.



1. Top three songs that are most played on your iTunes/iPod right now (or name the three songs you always find yourself listening to.)

Gorillaz, “Kids With Guns” – one of my favorite bands. The new album is incredible, too. Gorillaz are SO great live.

03 Kids With Guns

Wilco, “Red Eyed & Blue” – my all time favorite band. Jeff Tweedy is the best singer/songwriter around…

Tesla, “What You Give” – the most underrated 80s rock band…and my personal favorite from that genre.

Tesla – Time’s Makin Changes_ The Best Of Tesla – 11 – What You Give

2. Name the three TV Shows that are the highest priority on your DVR (or name three television shows on “your must” watch list)?

LOST – what do we do now? A single tear just ran down my face.



30 ROCK – obviously the funniest show on TV.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER – everyone is great on that show, but I’m a big fan of both NPH & Jason Segal.

3. What are the next three movies in your Netflix/Blockbuster queue (or name the last three movies you watched at home)?

 I’m just gonna name a few of my favorite movies… THE BIG LEBOWSKI,




4. What website is your current online addiction?

FUNNY OR DIE …for obvious reasons.


5. What’s the last book you purchased for yourself to read?

 Dave Eggers’ “WHA T IS THE WHAT“. Incredible book…Eggers is one of my favorite authors.

[Click on the photo to get the book]


[Watch ‘Dave Eggers’ wish: Once Upon a School’ speaking at TED]


6. Name an NYC attraction (shop, café, bar, museum, gallery, park) you would recommend to people who have just moved to the city.

There’s a great bar called BERRY PARK,  in Williamsburg. It’s got a modern beer hall kind of vibe, kick-ass beers on tap, and an awesome roofdeck.

[Click on the picture to find out more about BERRY PARK]


7. Name the place you hope to visit when you go on your next vacation.


[Click on the picture. If you want to go to GREECE]




8. Favorite show on Broadway right now, or theatrical event?

Whatever madness is happening backstage at LMAT is my favorite theatrical event…

Take a ‘Backstage Tour of Lend Me a Tenor with Mary Catherine Garrison’CLICK HERE

9. What is the one role (musical theatre, straight play, television, film, opera, ballet) you MUST play before you die?

I played the M.C. in CABARET in high school…I’d love to reprise that role someday. It’s so fun to be so sleezy and shameless…


10. Name one thing you want to accomplish in the next six months.

 A legitimate vacation.

[Click ‘On Vacaction’ for a legitimate vacation]


Ken Ludwig’s comedy LEND ME A TENOR stars Anthony LaPaglia, Tony Shalhoub, Justin Bartha, Brooke Adams, Mary Catherine Garrison, Jennifer Laura Thompson, Jay Klaitz, and Jan Maxwell, and is directed by Stanley Tucci. LEND ME A TENOR is now playing at the Music Box Theatre (239 West 45th Street).

LEND ME A TENOR plays the following schedule: Tue at 7, Wed-Sat at 8, Wed & Sat at 2, Sun at 3.

Ticket Prices: $121.50 and $86.50 at all performances except Saturday at 8 PM when they are $126.50 and $86.50. All prices include a $1.50 facility fee. Tickets are available through Telecharge (212 239 6200) or at www.Telecharge.com.

Follow us on Twitter: @LendTenorNYC

Become a fan on FACEBOOK







Meet The Nominees – LEND ME A TENOR – BEST REVIVAL of a PLAY




Best Revival of a Play

Best Featured Actress in a Play – Jan Maxwell

Best Costume Design of a Play – Martin Pakledinaz


Distinguished Revival of a Play

Distinguished Performance Award – Tony Shalhoub 

Distinguished Performance Award – Jan Maxwell 


Outstanding Revival of a Play

Outstanding Director of a Play – Stanley Tucci

Outstanding Featured Actress in a Play – Jan Maxwell

Outstanding Costume Design – Martin Pakledinaz


Production Website:  www.lendmeatenoronbroadway.com

Twitter Page: www.twitter.com/LendTenorNYC

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/LendMeATenoronBroadway

YouTube.com Page: www.youtube.com/TenoronBroadway

TheaterMania: www.theatermania.com/LendMeATenor

Broadway.com: www.broadway.com/LendMeATenor


 Set in the 1930s, LEND ME A TENOR is a madcap screwball comedy that takes place when Tito Merelli, the fiery-tempered and world famous Italian superstar, arrives in Cleveland, Ohio to make his debut with the local opera and promptly goes missing.  As Saunders, the show’s presenter, conspires to cover for Tito’s absence, placate his hot-blooded wife, and distract his most passionate fans, chaos on a truly operatic level ensues.



LEND ME A TENOR on Broadway

Watch Anthony LaPaglia, Tony Shalhoub & Justin Bartha on Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda CLICK HERE

Watch Opening Night: LEND ME A TENOR on  Broadway.com CLICK HERE


“Let me spell it out: Lend Me a Tenor is the most howlingly funny and ingeniously staged laugh machine to hit Broadway in years. There’s no point in telling you how superbly fun this all is: Go now, and don’t wait for the fat lady to sing.” – David Cote, TIME OUT NEW YORK

The laugh out loud, side splitting comedy you’ve been waiting for..or I may say Broadway has been waiting for..or I may say..we need now more than ever. Non-stop laughs and unbridled zaniness from a wonderful cast with better timing than a Swiss watch.” – Pat Collins, WWOR TV

“It’s often said that a good comedy must be like a well-oiled machine.  Actor-turned-director Stanly Tucci must have had a can of WD-40 handy…the slapstick is virtually non-stop.  Cheap stuff? Yes, and it’s wonderful.” – Elisabeth Vincentelli, NEW YORK POST


[Pictured: Brooke Adams (Julia), Mary Catherine Garrison (Maggie), Tony Shalhoub (Saunders), Jay Klaitz (Bellhop)]


[Pictured: Anthony LaPaglia (Tito Merelli), Tony Shalhoub (Saunders) and Justin Bartha (Max)]


[Pictured: Jan Maxwell (Maria), Tony Shalhoub (Saunders), Jay Klaitz (Bellhop)]


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