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“LOMBARDI” director Thomas Kail featured in the Associated Press


 Thomas Kail Enjoying His ‘Year of Transition’

Thomas Kail is having lunch in the theater district when his iPhone resting in the middle of the  restaurant table starts buzzing. He casually looks  down to check who’s calling. It’s Ben Affleck.

Kail hits “decline.”  Then he laughs as his companion’s eyes go wide.

It turns out that the 33-year-old director is playing a joke: It wasn’t Affleck on the phone at all. Kail was just
using an app that simulates a call from whomever the  user wants. He has delighted friends by refusing to
answer calls from Brad Pitt, Charles Barkley and Kayne  West, among others.

Read the complete piece HERE


LOMBARDI opened in October to raves:


“Eric Simonson has given us an extremely well-crafted piece of intelligent middlebrow theater, a regular-guy equivalent of Frost/Nixon. A good one for the guys.  It is both tasty and filling. I know nothing about football and less about the Green Bay Packers, but LOMBARDI  held my attention from start to finish, and when it was over, I went home feeling properly entertained.” Terry Teachout, The Wall Street Journal


“There’s a place for LOMBARDI in the Broadway huddle…  It is theatrical catnip for husbands or boyfriends otherwise reluctant to see most Broadway shows: Football! Vince Lombardi! The legendary Packers!” The Associated Press


“Even if you never cared about Lombardi, you will enjoy LOMBARDI. And that really is everything.” Mike Vaccaro, New York Post


“I loved LOMBARDI” Fox Five


“A rare Broadway drama that’s also a real crowd-pleaser.” AOL


“Sports fans will get a huge kick out of the it, but there’s plenty for the uninitiated as well. As entertainment, LOMBARDI scores points.” Roma Torre, NY1


“With its uniformly good cast, tight direction and frequent flashes of humor, Lombardi is solid playing in every sense of the word.” David Cote, Time Out New York


Tickets can be purchased online at www.telecharge.com, by phone at 212-239-6200, or in person at the Box Office (50th Street, West of Broadway).



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