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“PANDEMONIUM: The Lost and Found Orchestra,” new production from STOMP’s creators





After the global success of their unique take on rhythm and physical theatre, STOMP co-creators Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas, have taken their concept to a new level with  PANDEMONIUM: THE LOST AND FOUND ORCHESTRA which will begin a North American tour on September 16 in Miami.  Current tour information follows at the end of the release.

Where STOMP creates rhythm with everyday objects, PANDEMONIUM transforms everyday objects into a plethora of invented instruments.  Performed by the LFO (Lost and Found Orchestra), PANDEMONIUM recreates every section of a symphony orchestra, using musical saws, bottles, whirly toys and traffic cones.  Out of chaos is found an orchestra.

Reworked for 2010 with a dazzling array of homemade instruments, a 25-member mix of veteran STOMP performers, classical musicians, physical comedians and aerialists, PANDEMONIUM climaxes with the human voice being added to the mix: what begins with simple melodies plucked, blown, thumped and brushed into life ends in a complex symphonic and choral celebration. In each city a 30 member local choir will contribute vocals.  Luke Cresswell serves as onstage conductor of the 50+ member company and will perform in PANDEMONIUM.

Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas were approached by The Brighton Festival (UK) commissioning a new work for its 40th anniversary. In only six months, instruments had to be invented and reinvented from scratch, and an entire score composed. With the help of a crew made up of experienced STOMP personnel, expert instrument designer Paul Marshall advising, and with UK musicians who were prepared to abandon their instruments and learn how to play saws and hosepipes, LFO premiered there in May 2006. Since then LFO has broken box office records at Sydney Opera House, and played extended runs at London’s Royal Festival Hall and Amsterdam’s Carre Theatre.

Critics have raved:

“Exhilarating and strangely beautiful, unpretentious, infectious and great fun” – The Guardian

“A celebration of energy, rhythm and inventiveness” – The Independent

“Utterly amazing and not to be missed” – Sunday Express

“A joyful celebration of the power of noise and human invention” – Daily Telegraph

“What hit me hardest is its sheer poetry, but nobody could miss the entertainment value here, and its world premiere was greeted with a full throated ovation.” Financial Times

STOMP bio: Next year will mark the 20th anniversary of the first Stomp production; it

has been running in New York for 16 years and in London for eight years.  STOMP has

toured the globe almost continuously for 15 years and has been seen by over 15 million people in 48 countries on five continents. It is the winner of numerous awards including an Olivier Award for Best Choreography (London’s Tony Award); an Obie Award; and a Drama Desk Award for Unique Theatre Experience. Cresswell and McNicholas have received an Academy Award nomination for the short film Brooms, four Emmy nominations and one Emmy Award for their acclaimed HBO special Stomp Out Loud, a Grammy nomination, and their IMAX films have garnered numerous awards internationally. STOMP has been seen in on shows ranging from The Academy Awards (produced by Quincy Jones) to Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, and in venues including The Acropolis in Athens, Greece.  STOMP has parodied on Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons, and been an answer on Jeopardy!

CITIES: PANDEMONIUM: THE LOST AND FOUND ORCHESTRA will play the following cities beginning September 16, with more dates and cities to be announced: Miami, Chicago, LA (Costa Mesa), Toronto, Hartford, Boston, Philadelphia.


LUKE CRESSWELL is a self-taught percussionist from Brighton, UK. His session work as a drummer and rhythm programmer includes Beats International, Bette Midler, Elvis Costello and Bryan Ferry. After working for several years as a street musician and performer, he first created STOMP in 1991. His work as a performer in Stomp includes the Oscars, the Emmys and Quincy Jones’ album, Q’s Jook Joint. He has directed, with Steve McNicholas, several award-winning commercials and short films. He received an Oscar nomination for the film BROOMS, an Emmy nomination for STOMP OUT LOUD and co-directed the award winning giant-screen films, Pulse: a STOMP Odyssey and Wild Ocean 3D as well as the STOMP inspired feature VACUUMS. He has also received a special achievement award from the Chicago Human Rhythm Project.

STEVE MCNICHOLAS, from Yorkshire in the UK, has worked as an actor, singer, musician, and writer with various theatrical and musical groups, starting out with the Bradford Theatre Group in 1973. Through the eighties he worked with Cliff Hanger, Covent Garden Community Theatre and Pookiesnackenburger. Despite also being an original member of the a capella group, the Flying Pickets and a final appearance in Mr. Bean, Steve no longer performs. He shares directorial credits with Luke Cresswell on STOMP based films and commercials. With Luke, he composed the soundtrack to the Showtime movie, RIOT, and shares the Oscar and Emmy nominations for his work on BROOMS and STOMP OUT LOUD and co directed the award winning giant-screen films, Pulse: a STOMP Odyssey and Wild Ocean 3D. Luke and Steve are currently in production for two new 3D movies, THE LAST REEF and GREAT WHITE SHARK 3D.

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