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NEXT FALL Playwright Geoffrey Nauffts featured on TimeOutNY.com

May 28, 2010 

Ask a Tony nominee: Geoffrey Nauffts

Upstaged by ADAM FELDMAN
Critics don’t get to participate in this year’s Tony Awards (we’ll be back on the rolls next year). But if I did have a vote in this year’s Best Play competition, it would go toward Geoffrey Nauffts’s Next Fall, which humorously and poignantly examines the relationship of a gay couple, Adam and Luke, with markedly different attitudes toward religious faith. We recently talked with Nauffts, an actor and artistic director of the Naked Angels company (which produced the show Off Broadway last year), about his play and its reception.

TONY: First of all, congratulations on the nomination for Next Fall. I loved the play. And I’ve been surprised to hear from a few people who for some reason don’t believe that this central couple you’ve written could exist as a couple, given their differences. That relationship was inspired by a real relationship that you did have, right?

Geoffrey Nauffts: Ultimately you cull from your own experience to some degree or another. As for the people that don’t buy the relationship…I mean, that’s something we really tried to work on for the Broadway production. We tried to deepen the relationship, because if you don’t have people rooting for them to be together and understanding them somehow, we have no play there. But I feel like that comment could be a little bit shallow, in a sense: “Why would a cute, young, hot guy be with a curmudgeonly, crabby guy like that?” I have lots of friendships all around me where the couples have a great age difference. That happens all the time. And I also think there are people who are on polar-opposite sides of the equation religiously. My brother and his wife, for instance, completely don’t see eye-to-eye in the way they want to raise their kids in terms of religion. And politics—it’s all over the place. You know, it takes all types.

Read the full interview on TimeOutNY.com, CLICK HERE

Elton John & David Furnish present
NEXT FALL, a new play by Geoffrey Nauffts, directed by Sheryl Kaller
Now playing at the Helen Hayes Theatre (240 West 44th Street).
For more information, visit www.NextFallBroadway.com 

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