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The Washington Post’s Peter Marks hails NEXT FALL

The Washington Post, Peter Marks
May 2, 2010

“An authentic work with something to say. The kind of play that just doesn’t materialize much anymore.”

What’s in the running for this year’s Tony Awards

By Peter Marks 
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, May 2, 2010

NEW YORK — What, I wondered, was wrong with this picture? I was sitting in one of Broadway’s smallest theaters, the Helen Hayes, on a Friday night toward the end of this Broadway season of outsize disappointments. What unfolded before me was an insightful comedy-drama on a provocative but accessible topic, the kind of play that, well, just doesn’t materialize much in Times Square anymore.

Its title is “Next Fall” and in its own intelligently appealing way, it just is what it is. In “Next Fall,” playwright Geoffrey Nauffts explores with humor and craft an absorbing issue, the question of how one reconciles being both gay and a Scripture-adoring Christian, and his play refuses to concern itself with cosmetic luster, with distracting customers with starlight and other sparkly things. How the heck did this modest enterprise make it into the theater on West 44th Street? For you can deduce in “Next Fall” a quality apparent in so little of Broadway’s output these days: It’s an authentic work with something to say. 
As in the case of “Next Fall,” a contemporary play that struggles with sexual and religious identity, Broadway should not have to be about bells and whistles. It needs to go back to the basics and think more again, about deeply human voices, and stories.

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