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Elizabeth Stanley is playing the role of Dyanne in MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET. Elizabeth gave us some insight on what she enjoys on her time off. Take a look. 










1.What Broadway or Off-Broadway show, book and movie are you recommending to friends these days? 

NEXT FALL by Geoffrey Nauffts.  I saw this when it was Off-Broadway last year, and I am still thinking about it.  It is one of the most touching and thought-provoking things I’ve seen in a long time.  The writing and performances were truly sublime!  I can’t wait to see it again.  A MUST SEE!!!

2. What country (other than the US) would you most like to visit? 

New Zealand.  It’s hard to choose just one, but this is certainly near the top of my list.  I am really inspired by nature, and it seems as though New Zealand just might be one of the most naturally beautiful places on earth.

[Click on the photo to visit New Zealand]


3. What musical theatre character would you most like to be stranded with on a desert island? Why? 

Perhaps Kira from XANADU -because she has magical powers that would get us through the tough times, and well… having spent some time with her recently, I know that we get along well! 🙂


4. What’s your favorite NYC “hotspot”? (restaurant, bar, museum, neighborhood) 

MUNDO in Astoria.  Zagat says (and I agree!): “At this new Astoria eatery, co-owners Guillermo from Argentina, and Canalp from Turkey, share the best of both worlds in their lovingly crafted menu and space, which feels one part trendy SoHo cafe, one part comfy dinner party; best of all, it’s chic but not mondo expensive.” 

[Click on the photo to check out more of MUNDO]


5. What’s the last song you downloaded to your iPod? 

PattY Griffin’s new album, DOWNTOWN CHURCH. And also several different versions of the song “FEVER” to inspire me as I begin rehearsals!


MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET is the new musical inspired by the night an auspicious twist of fate brought Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Elvis Presley together. The place was Sun Records’ storefront studio in Memphis. The man who made it happen was Sam Phillips, the “Father of Rock and Roll,” who discovered them all. The four legends-to-be united for the only time in their careers for an impromptu recording that has come to be known as one of the greatest rock jam sessions of all time. 
MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET opened Sunday, April 11 at the Nederlander Theatre (208 West 41st Street).

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