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Roundabout’s Les Liaisons Dangereuses has been nominated for 5 Tony Awards including Best Revival of a Play. It is currently playing at the American Airlines Theatre on Broadway.

USA Today

May 16, 2008


The Famous kid and the veteran

In Broadway’s Les Liaisons Dangereuses, a woman who has been around the block takes on a gullible ingénue. But in real life, it’s nothing but respect between the veteran actress and the new kid:



Mamie Gummer: Streep’s daughter steps out


By Donna Freydkin


NEW YORK – Mamie Gummer gets it.

She knows why people are interested in her family tree, given that she’s the daughter of the formidable Meryl Streep, the most Oscar-nominated actress in history.


“I understand the curiosity, and she’s an amazing lady,” Gummer says. “It’s always been there, that shadow. It’s been a comforting presence. I feel like I’ve negotiated how to live with it.”


Plus, given that she’s nearly the mirror image of a young Streep, “It’s hard to hide it,” Gummer, 24, says with a laugh.


Critics have been kind to Gummer, a graduate of Northwestern University’s theater program in 2005, who is making her Broadway debut in the Roundabout Theatre Company’s production of Les Liaisons Dangereuses, which runs through July 6. She’s clueless naïf Cécile Volanges opposite Laura Linney’s manipulative, malicious La Marquise de Merteuil and rapacious, seductive sidekick Ben Daniels as Le Vicomte de Valmont.


“I saw a bunch of people for the role. She just took it,” director Rufus Norris says. “It’s not a huge role, and it needs a definite and strong character in that part to make it stand out. Mamie has complete commitment to the emotional journey of the character.”


Gummer doesn’t see too much of herself in the wide-eyed, gullible Cécile. “She’s a little bit out of her depth all the time, so I sort of key into that. It’s being new. I’m new here,” she says. “I get it. It’s interesting to play the ingénue.”


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  Laura Linney: Versatile star takes a turn to the dark side


By Elysa Gardner


NEW YORK – Laura Linney is nothing if not diplomatic. Asked whether she likes anything about the Marquise de Merteuil, the icy, duplicitous character she plays in the new revival of Christopher Hampton’s Les Liaisons Dangereuses, she says: “You have to like the play. You have to like the material.”


Linney, 44, has been in love with Liaisons since she saw the original Broadway production more than 20 years ago. “Nothing will ever replace that experience,” Linney says. “But that’s the great thing about a good play: It has a bigger life than one particularly glorious incarnation.”


Indeed, movie fans may be most familiar with the 1988 film adaptation Dangerous Liaisons, in which Glenn Close reincarnated the Marquise, who enlists a former lover in an ultimately fatal scheme of seduction and revenge.


In Broadway productions of Sight Unseen and The Crucible, Linney played more self-sacrificing types. Her screen roles, too, have discouraged pigeonholing; last year, she was a snooty matron in The Nanny Diaries and a lonely playwright in The Savages. Most recently, she was seen as Abigail Adams in the HBO miniseries John Adams.


“It’s a sophisticated role, and Laura is a very sophisticated actress,” says Liaisons director Rufus Norris. “She can appear like the most friendly, least threatening woman, and then she’ll turn into an ice queen – or a sex goddess.”


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